Wednesday, August 4, 2010

public water parks.

We swim because we are too sexy for a sport that requires clothes.
– Author Unknown


back in the day i used to love the pool, Geauga Lake, Sea World, Cedar Point and Dover Lake. oh the memories.

i was on The Aurora Shores Sharks (yes, the ASS's) swim team for 10 years. well maybe only 9, the last year was spent skipping practice, giving the coaches a hard time, hiding under a pile of towels and trying to make sure my hair didn't turn green.

 about age 16 (ftr, i loved my Gilligan hat)

This one time at Dover Lake with my cousins and brother, we were around the ages of 12-15, we took a break to get some food at our picnic site and decided to get into a food fight. twinkies, ho-ho's, twizzler's, crackers, you name it, if it was in arms reach we were throwing it. including garbage. juice boxes, apple cores, empty cans of pop...shudder...cans of pop.

My loving and newly engages cousin Kevin...i could smack him. i'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt and honestly believe he didn't pick up an un-opened can of pop and hurl it in my direction, but i think he knew what he was doing. long story short (to late) the can of pop hit me right above my lip. right across the Philtral Column. i still have a scar. my mom wanted to take me to the hospital. me, being deathly afraid of needles didn't want to go. so we left. day=ruined.

but that's not what this post is about. its about public water. now that i'm getting older, wiser and more mature (ha) i tend to be grossed out with public water. i'm convinced that every time i swim at the local pool i get a sinus infection. people don't realize that they should rinse off before getting in the pool. i don't care how many chemicals you use...multiple people are basically showering in the pool, water slide, lazy river. and don't get me started on Hot Tubs. i'd rather spend my time at edge water swimming in Lake Erie drinking a beer. or a Aurora Lake floating at Boater's Beach...drinking a beer. or at Mohican floating on a tube...drinking a beer.

a co-worker in my area recently went to cedar point and said he got water up his he is coughing and sneezing. just the thought of that stewing public water going up his nose almost made me gag. Sinus infection, nice to meet you.

so, how do you spend your summers trying to stay cool?

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