Friday, August 6, 2010

roller derby, cooking and moving

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon
– Doug Larson


ironically all three of these have something in common.
i will be doing all of them in the next month!

actually participating in derby has made me want to cook more. WHAT!?!
yes. i want to cook. however my current living arrangements really don't allow for a lot of cooking cause my kitchen is so small.

I decided to move. yep. i'll be an Ohio City resident starting in September.
with the move, comes a bigger kitchen...which i can't wait to practice plow stops in. and with that i thought...hmmm...if i'm in the kitchen i might as well cook.

so i'm gonna find a cute little apron, and A-Line dress/skirt and cook on skates. basically harnessing my inner Betty Draper. i think it will be good for me. maybe not so good for my cooking skills.

either way, Derby is all i thought it would be. the ladies rock, the practices are so helpful, my body hurts and i have an awesome boyfriend to rub me down.

yep life is good. for now.
i still have to pack, move and pass my skills test. oh, and learn how to cook.

in the mean time. i'm going to my first ever Krusty's tomorrow.

wish me luck!


  1. you don't even like doing any of this stuff. the fact that you get to wear different "costumes" while you're doing all of these activities is what interests you.

  2. what can i say...i like playing dress up.